ART FAIR ››EAGLES FLY, SHEEP FLOCK— Biographical Imprints: Artistic Practices in Southeast Asia‹‹ special selection South-East Asian Platform, Art Stage Singapore 2015, Marina Bay Sands, 22—26 Jan, 2015

ART FAIR ››HUNT & GATHER, TERRARIA‹‹ at Art Fair Philippines, represented by Silverlens Galleries, The Link carpark, Makati City, 5—8 Feb, 2015

GROUP EXHIBIT ››AFTERIMAGE‹‹ contemporary photography from South-East Asia survey show, Singapore Art Museum 8Q, 3 Oct 2014 until 8 Feb 2015

SOLO EXHIBIT ››TIERRA SALVAJE‹‹ at Silverlens Gallery 20SQ, Manila, 30 April — 31 May 2014

EXHIBIT  HUNT & GATHER, TERRARIA in ››New Natives : An exhibition of Philippine Contemporary Art‹‹ at Lightbombs Contemporary, Hong Kong, 30 April — 30 May 2014

EXHIBIT ››100 YEARS BETWEEN US‹‹ ensemble at Silverlens Gallery booth, Art Fair Philippines 2014, Ayala, Makati City

After years of touring international exhibitions, fairs, and festivals, this is the first time the series will be shown complete to the Philippine public since the artist's 2007 homage at Instituto Cervantes de Manila for Frida Kahlo's 100th birth anniversary

EXHIBIT ››HUNT & GATHER, TERRARIA‹‹ in CREATIVE©ITIES, Khaosiung, Taiwan, 13 December 2013 — 12 January 2014


Artist book HUNT & GATHER, TERRARIA at ››PROTOTROPISM‹‹ book showcase, The Library Project, Dublin, Ireland. 7 April—8 May 2016

WN in concert with Elemento, Singapore ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands. July 2014

ARTIST TALK: "The Gospel of Dirt (On Landscape)" The artist in dialogue with curator Eva McGovern. Open to the public. Silverlens Galleries, 21 May 2014, 18:30h


Preview magazine (PH), February 2015

DOMINION listed as one of the "Best Photobooks 2014" by Daniel Boetker-Smith, Voices of Photography (TW)

"Portrait of A Lady" feature, Esquire Philippines, November 2013

"Women of Now" feature, Metro magazine, October 2013

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